Dead or Not? Possibly post mortem, probably not…

victorian post mortem photography skull illusion dead not australian girl

This lady pops up on Pinterest quite a bit if you do a search for post mortem photography. The only problem is that I’d bet my dog’s fat backside that she’s not dead!

What do you think – dead or not?



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6 Responses to Dead or Not? Possibly post mortem, probably not…

  1. Lubes says:

    I reckon deader than dead… it’s the drooping skin, dead eyes and awkward hand position, don’t think an alive person would pose like that.

  2. bullet says:

    I think she is alive. Based on my extensive knowledge (looking at the pictures on this site) generally the definite post mortem pictures tend to fall into two categories. Either they are posed to look like they are sleeping, or they are posed with other family members in a bid to show them as they were in life.

    She reminds me a tiny bit of Nellie Bly.

  3. My expertise is remarkably less than Bullet’s but my guess is: Not dead but has a right sided disability. She has a dropped right eye and a club right hand. I think the dower expression is one of a mental impairment not of death. Her left eye has a life about it.

    • Siberian says:

      You are quite right. Slight blepharoptosis on right eye and right hand’s contracture. Trauma, stroke or infection. Then, look at her hairstyle. As far as I remember, short-cutting was the rule for gravely sick women. So we could suppose she is convalescent, first photo after sickness. No specific data for post mortem

  4. bullet says:

    I was joking about my expertise :D. Not about my opinion that she was alive though.

  5. jo says:

    Alive! The eyes of the deceased sink into their sockets. This ladys eyes appear quite alive!

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