Small child in coffin – post mortem, memento mori

victorian post mortem photography skull illusion child propped coffin

Small but perfectly formed…

Unfortunately I don’t have a bigger version of this post mortem photograph, nor do I have any background information. I think it comes from an eBay listing, but can’t be sure – I found it in a random collection of images on a dormant website (which is all too often the case with these photos).

You can quite clearly see the metal prop that’s been used to tip the little coffin up to get a decent angle for the photographer.



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One Response to Small child in coffin – post mortem, memento mori

  1. markrighter says:

    Post-mortem photos of children were brought right up to date at the World Press Photo awards. This blog has picked out one of Syrian children who died in the conflict there, as their bodies are taken through the streets. The faces are exposed, which is important.
    I know that they are not mementoes, far from it, but it’s a new application.

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