Gentleman with (many) candles – post mortem, memento mori

victorian post mortem photography skull illusion burns archive man candles

Ooh, it’s like something out of a BRILLIANT old horror movie…

Post mortem photograph courtesy of The Burns Archive, via Morbid Anatomy.



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4 Responses to Gentleman with (many) candles – post mortem, memento mori

  1. Cathy Bitikofer says:

    There’s a “skull illusion” in the upper right hand corner, created by the smoke. I like it!

  2. a says:

    Ludwig II of Bavaria

    • Violet says:

      Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, someone on the Skull’s Facebook page said that it was Ludwig. Being my usual disorganised self I forgot to repost their comments over here ;)

      I guess it should have been obvious by the way he’s laid out that it was going to be someone of importance.

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