Unusual post mortem pic

victorian post mortem photography skull illusion man coffin horns flowers

When I found this on Pinterest it was credited as being from The Unnaturalist on Tumblr, but despite scrolling through many pages I was unable to find it. That said, the account is a treasure trove of curiosities that’s well worth a look anyway.

So I have no details for this rather strange post mortem photograph – can anyone shed light?

edited: it occurs to me that this might be an example of one of those religious ceremonies that involves disinterring, decorating and reburying the body. What do others think?



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2 Responses to Unusual post mortem pic

  1. darlarosa says:

    It looks as though either the eyes were painted onto the picture or the eyes were held open and retouched after because the gaze is almost mask like. . The head looks very…emaciated or decayed.

    But more importantly the hands look far too large for the head. Part of me wonders if the person was ill…or if the face is a wax reconstruction…maybe thats insane.

    • sc says:

      I found the photo on the above webpages.

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