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skull illusion pippin cat memento mori1

This is my friend Cressi‘s beloved cat Pippin, who died recently. The photos were taken post mortem, not that you’d particularly know – pusscat just looks asleep, pretty much. Death in all its guises is strange and sad and sometimes uplifting, but the death of a pet is quite often just downright weird.

skull illusion pippin cat memento mori

I know people who are hardfaced and unemotional in daily life, yet howled for weeks when a furry friend shuffled paws-first off this mortal coil. I still regularly cry over two separate cats that died twelve months and eight years ago respectively, despite having two very adorable current felines.

Perhaps it’s easier to be openly emotional about animals than it is about humans. Children certainly don’t worry about how their grief will be perceived. Another friend, Jacquin, lost her lovely Wilfie a little while ago:

skull illusion wilfie dog memento mori small

Pets are simpler – they either like you or they don’t, and simply owning a can opener is often enough to ensure lifelong adoration. And in return, it’s simple to love them in return, and to miss them as much as any human.

skull illusion dead pets kez pipsqueak
‘Pipsqueak’ – photo sent in by Kes McSheffrey

This article was inspired by this archived blog post about a post mortem photograph of a Victorian terrier dog



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4 Responses to dead pets society

  1. Dixie says:

    Very beautifully said. Thank you.

  2. Frances Rose says:

    I have had many good dogs, but my
    Gunner.. when he goes, I will be devastated. Some people think its weird but hes my furry child. No other way to explain it

    • Violet says:

      I know exactly what you mean, Frances. Sometimes I wonder why I even have pets, given the trauma I go through when they inevitably die on me. I need someone to invent an immortal dog ;)

  3. darlarosa says:

    Sometimes I think it’s so…emotional because often with humans if we’re lucky we get years together beyond those with a pet. More importantly a pet is so easy to confide in, and they give love and affection so freely and show appreciation for the things we do for them too.

    I haven’t had a pet since I was a little girl, but owning one is worth it because its just nice to have someone to talk to who won’t talk back sometimes lol. Besides even though it eventually ends sadly nothing can beat the satifaction and happiness from taking care of a creature who needs you, particularly shelter pets.

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