Mother and son?

skull illusion victorian post mortem photography woman child white dress

Although the child in this post mortem photograph is wearing what appears to be a dress, I’m pretty sure that it’s a boy rather than a girl and he’s actually in burial clothes. He’s older than one customarily sees in this sort of pose, bless him.

The one odd thing I’ve noticed is that his hands appear to be over-large in proportion to the rest of him. I’m assuming that it’s a trick of perspective because of the camera angle.

The woman’s facial expression is wonderful – defiant, almost.



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3 Responses to Mother and son?

  1. Damama says:

    He really looked like his Mum, Bless him :( I expect that they are reunited now though :)

  2. I think the swollen hands could be related to the cause of death. A severe infection or heart issues would do that I think. Very sad picture, as they all are.

  3. Catherine M says:

    Absolutely tragic. So sad. But like Damama says- they are hopefully reunited now.
    His homespun nightshirt it a nightshirt, or cerements? Bless him…there is something about this image that is so moving. The mother’s sorrow is palpable.

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